ChetMen in Israel !!! 1 & 2 December 2022 !!!


01.12.22 Shablul (Tel Aviv)
02.12.22 Beat (Haifa)

ChetMen is an international project created by guitarist Dmitry Chetvergov and bass player Mikhail Men.
Dmitry Chetvergov is a famous guitarist and composer, who opened the concert of  Joe Satriani – the guitarist, arranger and sound producer of the acoustic version of the song “Running Scared”, which brought victory to the duet from Azerbaijan at Eurovision 2011.
Mikhail Men is a musician, singer, composer, author and producer of the “Made in Moscow” project, featuring Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner, members of the legendary bands Deep Purple and Rainbow.
The ChetMen group includes professional musicians from different countries, members of top projects, playing in different styles.
ChetMen performs original music. The group’s style can be described as fusion with elements of blues, funk and soul with elements of pop-rock, art-rock and ethnic music.
Albums and singles of the ChetMen group have repeatedly occupied leading positions in Russian and foreign top charts. The composition “Sarcasm” held 1st place in the iTunes Top 200 Tracks in the “jazz” category for a record three and a half weeks. “Dubrava Live” reached number 5 on the iTunes Top 200 Tracks in the “jazz” category in France. ChetMen are participants in various music festivals: Dubrava Music, Koktebel Jazz Party, Jazz in the Tikhoy Zavadi (Quite Backwater), the First Guitar Festival, etc. In 2019, the group had the honor to perform at the Septembre Musical music festival in the capital of European jazz Montreux (Switzerland) with their solo concert.

An article in the newspaper Vechernyaya Moskva about ChetMen’s performance in Montreux (Switzerland)

ChetMen is on fire. We have shocked Montreux

Septembre Musical in the Swiss city of Montreux is a special story. Montreux is a place of power. Here Vladimir Nabokov worked, Tolstoy and Dostoevsky wrote. It was here that Igor Stravinsky’s brilliant “The Rite of Spring” was born. And then 70 years ago, the best musical forces of the world began to gather during fall, to show each other their talents and skills and together pay tribute to the great art – such different and such beautiful music.

For many years the festival in Montreux did not have any special theme. But not so long ago, the current head of the festival, Misha Damev, introduced a rule – to dedicate festivals to one country or another. Russia was chosen this year, as well as the sometimes obvious and sometimes invisible connections that exist between Russia and the charming Swiss city.

To perform at the festival, the famous Michael Pletnev and the Russian National Orchestra have chosen, among other things, Scriabin’s First Symphony, which is rarely performed in Russia. In Montreux, it was performed for the first time. For two evenings, the hall froze, spellbound by perhaps the most emotional music in the world: The orchestra, the boys’ choir of the Glinka Choral School, tenor Yuri Rostotsky and mezzo-soprano Polina Shamaeva, the winner of the Big Opera project, who specially learned Scriabin’s symphony for performing at the festival. Shostakovich and the indescribable soul-tearing Rachmaninov were performed by Nikolai on Lugansky. In addition, the Mariinsky Theater Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Valery Gergiev, as well as young talents of our country – participants in the Nutcracker project and the Reverese break-dance show, all performed in Montreux.

But before the classical concert, those gathered at the festival were in for a surprise – a pleasant and rather unexpected one. For the first time in the history of modern jazz, the Russian fusion group ChetMen took part in the famous festival, playing instrumental original music. The performance took place on September 7 at the Funky Claude’s Bar.

The ChetMen band was created by Dmitry Chetvergov and Michael Men. Dmitry is a world famous guitar virtuoso, composer, arranger, sound producer, and producer of the Moscow City Records label. Regular readers of “VM” probably remember Dmitry as a participant in the “Evening Moscow” project and the production center of Igor Sandler “Ploschad ploschad” – he was one of the members of the authoritative jury. The owner of unique experience and technologies for creating guitar arrangements, Dmitry is a laureate of the “Golden Note” award in the nomination “Best Guitarist of 2014”.

Known in the world of music, Michael Men is a musician, singer, composer, producer and director, a member of the Union of Composers and the Union of Cinematographers of Russia. Michael is the author and producer of the project with ex-members of Rainbow and Deep Purple groups Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner “Made in Moscow”. His works have repeatedly hit the charts of digital showcases in many countries, and recently he became the chairman of the artistic council of the Moscow City Records label.

The ChetMen band includes professional musicians, participants in top projects playing in various styles and directions – in addition to Dmitry Chetvergov and Michael Men, it includes keyboard players Michael Saushev and Alexander Mironov, Michael Ponkratyev – drums, and Timur Nekrasov – saxophone, flute, percussion. The collective performs mainly original music, and the style of the group can be described as fusion of jazz, blues, funk, soul with elements of pop- rock, art-rock and ethnic music.

According to Michael Men, it is a special honor and responsibility for their team to perform in Montreux, a city significant for Russian culture and a Mecca of world jazz for more than a decade.

– “We are grateful to the sophisticated audience of Montreux for the appreciation of our music and the applause. I’m sure we’ll be back!” He added.

– “The extraordinary beauty of these places with the developed uncommon history of the life of great people, the twists and turns of their creative destinies – all this imbued with the amazing aura of Montreux” – Dmitry Chetvergov shared his impressions about the festival and the trip. – “Feelings are overwhelming when you visit places previously visited by great composers, writers, jazzmen and rock musicians. And once you get here, you fully feel this height of the status of a musician, which you forget about in everyday life. This is, of course, a festive for any creative person. It is undoubtedly a great honor for any Russian musician to be here! And not just take a walk, saturated with the energy of these amazing places, but also perform within the framework of the legendary festival, show your own creativity, which from the innermost becomes a part of the Montreux legend”.

The first days of September and music, music to dizziness! An honor to everyone, and for the author’s project ChetMen there is also additional proof – you are writing great music!

VM columnist Olga Kuzmina


The 74th Septembre Musical Festival will be held under the mark of Russian culture

From September 1 to September 9, Septembre Musical festival will take place in the Swiss city of Montreux and its environs. This year the festival will be held under the mark of Russian culture. The organizers’ new approach is aimed at popularizing cultural and musical traditions among young people. The dream of the director of the festival, Misha Damev, is to turn the festival into an international platform for meetings and cultural exchange.

According to the idea of the recent head of the festival Misha Damev, a conductor of Bulgarian origin, each year will be dedicated to one country. The culture of this country will be presented in a variety of forms. Of course, first of all we are talking about classical music, musicians, orchestras and soloists. But besides this, the public will be able to get acquainted with traditional music, fine arts and even the country’s cuisine *.

In 2019 Septembre Musical will acquaint the audience with the richest Russian culture, its classics and modernity. The program includes performances by the best Russian performers and ensembles, including the Mariinsky Theater Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Valery Gergiev, the Russian National Orchestra, and the pianist Nikolai Lugansky. The festival will also present to the public young talented performers from Russia: the choir of the Glinka School, participants in the Nutcracker project and the break-dance show “Reverese”.

ChetMen will perform their original works on September 7th.

ChetMen goes to Montreux!

For the first time in the history of modern jazz, the Russian fusion group “ChetMen”, playing instrumental music, will take part in the famous festival in Montreux – “Musical September”.
September 7 at 22:30 Funky Claude’s Bar!

On June 8, the “ChetMen” band will take part in the “DUBRAVA MUSIC 2019” festival

The festival will be held for the sixth time at the Dubrava Cultural Center, named after Archpriest Alexander Men. It will take place in the cinema and concert hall, starting on June 7 and running until June 12.

The festival of contemporary music “Dubrava Muzyka” is the outcome of the center’s philharmonic activities. The festival continues to fulfill the mission of creating concert programs that include the best musical projects to date, attracting as participants the most significant projects of contemporary Russian composer’s art and the most prominent representatives of the modern jazz scene.

ChetMen will perform on June 8th.

Full program, as well as tickets for concerts and season tickets —

Our song “Sarcasm” hit iTunes Top Tracks 200!

On April 19 the track “Sarcasm” from the joint album “Multimedia Holding” and Moscow City Records label “ChetMen NASHETVLIVE” took 1st place in the Jazz category in iTunes Top Tracks 200 Russian Federation, and held this position for three days! In total, it stayed on the chart for a little over 2 weeks.

March 8!

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