On August 26, the ChetMen band will perform at the Koktebel Jazz Party 2018 festival

On August 26 at 21:50 the ChetMen band will perform in Crimea on the main stage of the Koktebel Jazz Party 2018 festival. Come, it will be hot!

The ChetMen band was founded by Dmitry Chetvergov and Mikhail Men. It includes great musicians from top projects, playing in various styles and directions. ChetMen plays mostly original music. In general, the style of the group can be described as fusion of jazz, blues, funk, soul with elements of pop rock, art rock and ethnic music.

About the Festival:
Koktebel completes preparations for the next season of jazz. Twenty tons of sound and light equipment arrived in the Crimean Koktebel, where the international jazz festival Koktebel Jazz Party opens on August 24. The cargo is intended for the Main and Voloshin stages, where famous musicians and young performers from Russia, USA, Great Britain, India, China, Armenia and other countries will perform for three days. The organizers have brought thousands of kilowatts of sound and light to Koktebel, which will help create a unique atmosphere of an original jazz festival in the open air. This year, the Koktebel Jazz Party will be held for the first time at five different venues in the Crimea. The Koktebel water park and dolphinarium will be added to the Main and Voloshin stages, as well as the Big Arena of the Artek International Children’s Center in
Gurzuf, which was tested last August. The festival originated in 2003 as a private initiative of the founder of Koktebel jazz – journalist Dmitry Kiselev. The small Crimean village gave its name to the festival, which today occupies a recognized place in the list of world jazz festivals. Detailed information about the Koktebel Jazz Party festival can be found on the official website koktebel-jazz.ru.

The official hashtag of the festival is #KJP2018. The Koktebel Jazz Party festival is held with the informational support of the international media group “Russia Today”, TV channels “Russia 1”, “Russia-Culture” and “Russia 24”, radio “Mayak”, radio “Culture”, “Radio Russia”, and radio station “Vesti FM “. The musical partner of the festival is “Radio JAZZ”. The special partner is the Smolensk Diamonds Company. Koktebel Jazz Party is not just a world-class jazz event, it is real freedom that gives rise to a single vibration of music, sea, body and soul. The organizer of the festival is the Red Square media group.

SOURCE: koktebel-jazz.ru