On August 26, 2018 the group “ChetMen” performed in Koktebel

The “ChetMen” band performed at the annual jazz festival “Koktebel Jazz Party”. The musicians performed works by Dmitry Chetvergov and Michael Men, as well as world hits.

During the festival, the popular Crimean village turned into a large open-air concert hall: musicians rehearsed in different parts of Koktebel in the morning, and the evening marathon was preceded by daytime concerts, the entrance to which, was free. As night got closer jam sessions, improvisational performances were held, as expected, in a more intimate club atmosphere.

Michael Men, the former Minister of Construction and Public Utilities of the Russian Federation, auditor of the Accounts Chamber of Russia, performed in Koktebel as part of the ChetMen group, together with the legendary guitarist Dmitry Chetvergov. Among the guests of the KJP-2018 were the Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation Pavel Kolobkov and the Deputy of the State Duma Natalya Poklonskaya.

Koktebel Jazz Party” was held with the informational support of the international media group “Russia Today”, TV channels “Russia 1”, “Russia-Culture” and “Russia 24”, radio “Mayak”, radio “Culture”, “Radio Russia”, and radio station “Vesti FM”. The musical partner of the festival is Radio JAZZ. The special partner is the Smolensk Diamonds company.

Closing the festival, its founder Dmitry Kiselev assured the audience that the next “Koktebel Jazz Party” will definitely take place on the last weekend of August 2019.

SOURCE: Koktebel Jazz Party. PHOTO: Maria Vishnevskaya