The ChetMen band has been created by the famous Russian musicians: the guitarist Dmitry Chetvergov and the bass guitarist Michael Men. Their band includes professional musicians, participants in top projects, playing in different styles. ChetMen plays mainly its own music. The band’s style can be described as a fusion of jazz, blues, funk and soul with pop rock elements, art rock and ethnic music.

Albums and singles of ChetMen group have repeatedly occupied leading positions in the Russian and foreign top charts. The composition “Sarcasm” held the 1st place in the Russian iTunes Top 200 Tracks in the jazz category for a record three and a half weeks.
“Dubrava Live” was ranked 5th in the iTunes Top 200 Tracks in the jazz category in France.
ChetMen was a participant of the Koktebel Jazz Party Festival (2018, 2020).
In 2019, the group had the honor to perform at the Septembre Musical music festival in the capital of European jazz in Montreux (Switzerland) with their own instrumental program.

About the Creators:

Dmitry Chetvergov is a well-known guitarist, composer, arranger, sound producer, actor, producer and CEO of label “Moscow City Records”. He is an Honored Artist of the Moscow Region and a laureate of international festivals. He was the first to perform live on “Rock FM” and was the first rock musician to perform on the stage of the Academic Mariinsky Theater. It was he who managed to carry out a unique fusion of a rock band and a military brass band during a performance at the Red Square at the Spasskaya Tower 2019 festival.

Dmitry graduated from music school with honors. In 1978 he entered the Moskvorechye jazz improvisation studio. He served in the army.

After completing his army duty, Dmitry, working in the “CREW” group of the Tyumen Regional Philharmonic Society, passed from the status of a student to the status of a professional. However, this position severely limited the musician’s creative growth, and at some point Dmitry was not interested in working there – he left the “CREW”.

In 1984, when Viktor Zinchuk left the KVADRO group, Chetvergov offered the team his services and immediately became a member of the group. Work in “KVADRO” brought Dmitry the first, truly, wide recognition among colleagues, critics and the public. He became a welcome guest in the studios of famous performers. While working with this group, Dmitry continued to improve his level of education at the Moscow State Institute of Culture, specializing as a leader of orchestra of folk instruments.

In 1987 Dmitry, together with a bass player who left the group “ARSENAL” and the director of the group Viktor Rybin, created a group that focused on melodic rock and later became known as “DUNA”.

In 1989 Dmitry met the former vocalist of the group “CROSS” – Andrey Kolchugin. Together with him and other musicians, they create the KURAZH group, which in 1990 recorded and released the progressive album “Wind in the Manes”, which is still relevant today.

Over a long period of studio work, he has recorded about 400 hours (more than 300 albums) of music and songs for many artists and projects, including his own music, in various styles and directions.

He worked as a guitarist, arranger and sound producer in the project “Nikolay” (Nikolay Noskov) and as part of the singer’s group Alsou. He was the producer of the song “Yesterday”, which reached first places in the charts on radio stations and on MTV and MuzTV channels.

He revised and recorded new versions of Alexei Rybnikov’s cult rock operas Juno and Avos and “Star and Death” by Joaquin Murieta. Dmitry Chetvergov and his group performed in the role of ‘the main character’ and significantly changed the sound of the opera. We can say that the new arrangement brought modernity and relevance to the sound. Thanks to this, the first Russian rock opera received a new life in the 21st century.

He gained a rich acting experience, working with the Honored Artist of Russia Valery Yaremenko in the play “Revelations”, acted in the role of a lawyer and the shadow of Grenouille in the amazing “Perfume” by Igor Demarin, and in the role of a universal evil that dominates the fate of a person in the romantic story of Count Rezanov and Conchita in the rock-opera “Juno and Avos” by Alexei Rybnikov.

Dmitry collaborated with the Russian classical composer Eduard Artemiev. Dmitry Chetvergov is the only guitarist of the piece “Officers’ Brotherhood” (soundtrack from Nikita Mikhalkov’s film “The Barber of Siberia”).

Dmitry Chetvergov was the first rock musician to appear at the Mariinsky Theater, performing music by Eduard Artemiev.

In 2005, together with Michael Men, he participated in the “Made in Moscow” project with such legendary musicians as Glenn Hughes (ex Deep Purple, ex Black Sabbath) and Joe Lynn Turner (ex Rainbow, ex Deep Purple).

He was a regular participant in the MAMAKABO Festival and the Plyos Guitar Festival. He also performed at the festivals Manor Jazz in Arkhangelskoye, Edinburgh Festival of Arts in Edinburgh (Scotland), Bike festivals in Maly Yaroslavets, Bike fest in Suzdal, and many others.

In 2006 he took part in the Sandler Show, and since that time he has been taking part in all the projects of the famous producer Igor Sandler.

In the summer of 2008 Dmitry Chetvergov was honored to open the concert of the greatest guitarist Joe Satriani.

Dmitry was the guitarist, arranger and sound producer of the acoustic version of the song “Running Scared”, which brought victory to the duo from Azerbaijan at Eurovision 2011.

In 2020, he released an album called “Twists of Fate” on the Moscow City Records label, which immediately took 1st place in the iTunes Top 200 Releases. The album is available on all digital platforms as well as CD and vinyl records.

Currently he is actively touring, holding creative meetings and master classes, and taking part in various projects as a guest artist.

Michael Men is a musician, singer, composer and arranger. He began his creative career as a film actor, playing in 1970 at the age of 10 in the main role in the film “Deniskin’s Tales” based on the novel of the same name by Viktor Dragunsky. After a successful debut in the cinema, the boy began to be invited by Soviet film studios to continue his career, but Michael‘ s parents were against the young son’s work as an artist and insisted that he first successfully graduate from secondary school.

However, despite the decision of his parents, Michael Men did not put aside creativity, and throughout his life he is actively developing, not as a film actor, but as a musician. In 1978 he performed in the vocal and instrumental ensemble VIA “School Years”, where he himself composed music and acted as a singer and bass player. Years later, the compositions of VIA “School Years” came out as a separate album and became popular among fans of retro music.

After serving in the armed forces, Michael Men entered and successfully graduated from the directing department of the Moscow State Institute of Culture. For some time after graduation, he worked in his specialty, and later devotes himself to entrepreneurial activity. In 1986, parallel to this activity, he joined with the famous guitarist Alexei Tumanov (Black Coffee, Stalker) to create the “Most” rock group, which was a great success among fans of hard rock music. Michael Men was the co-author of most of the songs. In addition, he recorded vocals and played the bass guitar on the group’s first album. Later there was also the project “Sea Patrol” with the famous musician, member of the VIA “Nadezhda” Yuri Stozharov. Compositions of VIA “School Years”, rock groups “Most” and “Marine Patrol” are available on iTunes today.

In the 90s, Michael Men almost completely devotes himself to a political career, received a law degree and became a professional manager, known by many people in Russia. But he still found time and recorded solo albums – in the early 2000s “My old friend” and “Time chose us” were released; and also the album “Songs of Our Victory”, released for the 60th anniversary of “Victory in the Great Patriotic War”, where Michael Men sang songs of the war years in a new arrangement, which are still very popular.

Michael Men’s activities as a composer and musician received international recognition in 2005, when the album “Made in Moscow” was released, in which Michael collaborated with famous musicians Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner, members of the legendary bands Deep Purple and Rainbow. The music for this album was written by Michael Men and the lyrics were written by Joe Lynn Turner and Glenn Hughes. Famous Russian musicians also participated in this project – Dmitry Chetvergov, Nikolay Devlet-Kildeev, Valery Diorditsa, Alexey Tumanov, Alexander Filonenko, Peter Makienko, Alexander Lvov and Pavel Titovets. The album became popular among hard rock fans and collectors, because, in fact, this is the last work where Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner worked as a duet. Later, Michael Men organized a concert tour of Joe Lynn Turner in Russia, where he acted not only as a producer, but also as a bass player. In 2017 the vinyl album “Made in Moscow” was released, which consisted of two records. On one – the original “Made in Moscow” in vinyl sound; on the second – “Made in Moscow Live” which was a professional recording made during one of the musicians’ concerts in Russia. The vinyl album was a limited edition for collectors.

Michael Men also assisted in organizing performances of European and American musicians in Russia, including the tour of the famous British rock vocalist Alcatrazz and Rainbow Graham Bonnet. Also, Michael Men, together with Dmitry Chetvergov, participated in Igor Sandler’s project “PIPL pro / to PURPLE”, where they recorded a cover version of the well-known composition of the Deep Purple group “Mistreated”.

Michael Men is the initiator of four modern recording studios in Russia: InnaRecords, IvanRecords, Most Delta Records, and Moscow City Records.

In 2017 Michael Men, together with guitarist Dmitry Chetvergov, created the ChetMen band. The band name was formed from the first letters of the group’s founders. The style of the group can be described as fusion – it is a fusion of jazz, blues, funk, soul with elements of pop-rock, art-rock and ethnic music. The collective actively participates in various jazz festivals and Jazz rock venues in Russia.

Michael Men is one of the world’s most famous collectors of guitars, who has been collecting them since the 1980s. A special place in his collection is occupied by bass guitars, which are unique in terms of vintage, the names of the former owners, as well as the names of famous modern guitar masters.